• Compliance Services

Entec can assist you to improve compliance with legislation, regulations and safety standards in order to protect your people and your plant.

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Jake Dagger

Compliance Manager

Mark Knowles

General Manager Projects

Partner with Entec to increase your focus on compliance, quality and safety

We offer a range of compliance services to provide our clients with modern systems, hands-on inspections and remedial works, advice and training. These services allow our clients to increase safety, quality and peace of mind, and to decrease risk to personnel, property and organisational reputation.

What makes us different? We’re practical and reasonable, and you can trust us to make the right call in the best interests of your business. And our inspectors are backed up by the size, substance and experience of Entec.

The size and breadth of the Entec team means that we can deliver a consistent standard of service and uniform documentation across multiple sites for larger clients.

How we can help

  • Improving safety - hazardous area electrical inspections, supported by documentary evidence (a hazardous area dossier)
  • Compliance with legislation and regulations - helping you to meet your legal obligations to keep everybody safe
  • Improving systems - peer review of a client's hazardous area dossier, working within an existing dossier, or building a new dossier from scratch
  • Advice and training - helping our clients build their own capacity and competence.

Why choose Entec's compliance services?

Our motto is “getting you running and keeping you safe”. We understand the drivers of your business, and our inspectors will provide practical advice to help you find the right balance; complying with the regulations and operating safely, but also getting your plant running as quickly as possible.

You can trust us to work in your best interests. Can we send a team of specialists to address any remedial items that come out of an inspection? Absolutely we can. But we’ll also recommend other suitable contractors that can do that work and encourage you to check out other options.

We’re proud that a large part of our company DNA comes from the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, which have developed industry-leading methods to manage safety and quality in challenging environments. Entec’s people are highly competent, experienced, approachable and practical.

Entec's compliance services

  • Electrical inspection services (hazardous area endorsed); initial, periodic and maintenance.
  • Inspection services through the lifecycle of plant; initial creation of a dossier, managing ongoing inspections, and removal of assets from service.
  • Quality assurance; review, improve and manage clients' QA systems.
  • Site audits – both physical and desktop – to provide advice on current compliance performance.
  • Training of client personnel to increase awareness of the pertinent regulations and industry best practice.
  • Compliance and design advice at the front end of the project for smooth implementation.

Clever use of technology

Entec has teamed up with CONQA to adapt its cloud-based QA system for use on our clients’ sites. CONQA provides personnel working on installation, commissioning and inspection tasks with a smooth and efficient workflow;

      Inspection and Test Reports (ITR's) are available on a device (laptop, tablet or phone) when and where required.

      Documentation is completed at the time, and instantly recorded in the master QA system.

      Documentation is supported by date/time stamps, photos and any notes regarding remedial works.

      The records are kept in perpetuity, with future re-inspections added to the dossier.

      Learn more about CONQA.

Accuracy and efficiency are greatly improved by following this guided workflow. There are fewer bits of paper to handle (or lose), and QA is completed progressively rather than in a rush to clear the backlog at the end of the project.