• Why Choose Entec?

Our priorities are 'getting you running', and 'keeping you safe'. How do we do this?

Our vision is to be our customer's safest and most trusted choice.

We will achieve this with our technical expertise, the calibre and character of our people, the reliability of the brands we represent, and our attention to quality and safety.

We encourage team excellence, personal growth and continual improvement as we strive to deliver our best.

Getting you running…

  • I&E and gas detection project solutions, covering panel manufacturing, material supply, installation, inspection and commissioning.
  • Preventative maintenance on instrumentation, electrical and rotating equipment assets to maximise reliability and lower total cost of ownership.
  • Trouble-shooting and breakdown repair of rotating equipment, instrumentation systems, gas detection systems.
  • Prefabricated plant rooms for rapid deployment and low-risk installation.

Keeping you safe…

  • Keeping you and your people safe – from physical harm.
  • Keeping your plant safe – preventing risks such as fire, explosion or loss of containment.
  • Keeping your organisation’s reputation safe – from adverse publicity, and from breaches of legislation or regulations.
  • Keeping your business compliant - inspection and QA systems to meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

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