Our History

A quick fly-through from our start in 1982 to the present day...

  • The Start

    Growing as a gas engine distributor

    1982 – Entec Services Limited founded by David Weston, purchasing the MSI Operations business which held the Waukesha Engine distributorship for New Zealand.

    1984 – First new engine projects, with 230kW cogeneration units installed at North Shore City Council and Hamilton City Council wastewater treatment plants.

    1985 – A novel project, selling a Waukesha gas engine to drive an LPG-fuelled shunting locomotive.

    1991 - 1994 – Significant growth; 14 new 920kWe Waukesha gas engine generator sets sold into three landfill gas sites, and one dairy factory. Entec grows from 2.5 people to 6 people.

  • The 2000's

    Growth into Taranaki - NZ's energy province

    2002 – Game changing time for the business, one of our rotating equipment technicians relocates to Taranaki to form Entec’s first permanent presence in the energy province.

    2003 – Entec packages a Waukesha engine, gearbox and centrifugal pump for produced water at a gas production station.

    2004 – Horotiu landfill gas power station designed and built

    2005 – 900kWe gas engine generator set packaged in an acoustic enclosure for a Taranaki upstream wellsite

    2006 – Entec features on the cover of Waukesha’s Power Connection magazine; “A thousand miles from anywhere…”

    2003 - 2010 – Our Taranaki rotating equipment service business grows steadily to five technicians and one admin person. The business is based in Fenton Street in Stratford.

  • The 2010's

    Growth & diversification; Instrumentation, Electrical and Gas detection

    2010 – Another game changer, Entec acquires an Instrumentation, Electrical and Gas Detection business as part of a significant diversification strategy. The acquisition adds 18 new people to the team, taking our total staff numbers to 32. The acquired business is integrated into the existing Entec business.

    2010 – Entec’s new I&E and gas detection business is located in Hurlstone Drive, New Plymouth.

    2012 – Entec relocates to 674 Devon Road in New Plymouth into brand-new premises.

    2013 – Entec acquires and integrates an instrumentation service business, with an IANZ accredited calibration laboratory.

    2011 - 2014 – Strong growth in the energy industry sees Entec growing to 70 staff, predominantly I&E projects tradestaff.

  • The 2010's

    New products

    2014 - 2021 – Entec’s gas detection business grows steadily, with a growing reputation of excellent local service to back up great products.

    2016 – Entec launches an electrical manufacturing business under the brand name TCE Controls, designing and building high-end switchboards and control panels.

    2017 – Entec’s first electrical prefabricated plant rooms are designed and built, launching another new product initiative.

  • 2018 to 2023

    Growth in Auckland, Taranaki and beyond

    2018 – Entec acquires an Auckland & Waikato based instrumentation service business, adding a further 8 I&E technicians, further IANZ calibration capabilities, and specialist temperature probe manufacturing into the Entec business.

    2019 – Entec focuses on new growth in the South Island with the appointment of a South Island Service Manager, starting to build repeat business with instrumentation and gas detection service campaigns.

    2020 – Entec’s New Plymouth operation relocates to Cygnet Drive, Bell Block.

    2022 – Entec expands its Cygnet Drive site with a dedicated workshop facility for the construction of prefabricated plant rooms.

    2022 – Entec’s 25th prefabricated plant room rolls off the production line.

    2023 – We open our 3rd base, servicing the Central North Island from our new location in Taupo

  • Now

    Moving forward

    We've grown from 1 person to around 130 people, and built long and mutually-beneficial relationships with a broad range of customers. We're steadily expanding into sectors such as electricity distribution, food & beverage, renewable generation and utilities, to complement our proud history in gas engine power generation and gas compression. We're confident the next 40 years will be as exciting and rewarding as our first 40 years!