• I&E Service & Calibration

Entec’s I&E service team completes service and calibration for process instrumentation and electrical systems on-site and in our calibration laboratory. Our instrumentation calibration lab is an IANZ accredited laboratory. We also calibrate a full range of fixed and portable gas detectors.

Instrumentation & Electrical (I&E) Services

What do we mean by Instrumentation & Electrical services? Quite simply, we refer to the routine maintenance of your instrumentation and electrical assets. Instrumentation and process control provide one of two functions; it measures and provides feedback, or it controls another item. If it’s not working correctly, it compromises the integrity of your plant.

Electrical infrastructure conveys electrical energy around your plant to provide motive power, ventilation, lighting and power for personnel at the point of use. Like all items of infrastructure, I&E systems require regular maintenance.

Entec’s industrial instrumentation and control technicians excel at servicing all types of process instrumentation, such as instruments to measure pressure, temperature, flow, levels, conductivity and mass, and instruments to provide control, such as actuators and positioners. Entec also specialises in all aspects of gas detection systems – both portable and fixed-point installations – including its routine service and calibration.

Process instrumentation is found all over industrial and manufacturing sites; it allows a process to be measured and controlled and is integral to ensuring the quality, consistency and reliability of the process and, therefore, the quality of the finished product. Process instrumentation often provides critical control over product quality (e.g. in food and beverage processing) and the safety of a plant and the personnel working in it.

Similarly, electrical infrastructure is embedded throughout most industrial plants. It’s important that its functionality is periodically tested. It should be checked for signs of wear or fatigue. From simple checks, visual inspections and “test-and-tagging” to analytical procedures and thermographic imaging, routine electrical maintenance is crucial to ensure ongoing safety and reliability of your electrical control systems. Here at Entec, we are well-versed in providing comprehensive electrical services and maintenance, regardless of our customers’ needs. Entrust the calibration of your instruments and the electrical maintenance of your equipment to a skilful electrical service technician from Entec.

Entec electrical service technicianEntec technician performs instrument calibration services

Why is instrumentation & electrical servicing important?

Process instrumentation and electrical systems should not be “fitted and forgotten”. Instruments and the electrical plant can be subject to physical damage or disturbance, environmental damage from exposure to the elements or changing air quality or may simply require periodic maintenance due to the nature of their design.

Instruments that are not correctly serviced can no longer be relied upon to provide reliable or repeatable measurements or to provide accurate instrumentation and process control. An electrical plant can degrade with time or due to environmental damage. Also, as with most products that require periodic service, it is more cost-effective to provide frequent minor electrical services rather than run it to failure and face a more expensive and disruptive replacement.

Failure to regularly carry out IANZ calibration services on instrumentation and electrical systems raises the spectre of…
• Degraded accuracy or performance of instruments, jeopardising the output of your plant’s process
• Accidents and injuries resulting from process failures or exposure to unsafe electrical control systems
• Commercial and reputational risk to your organisation

When you choose Entec, you can be confident that your instruments are calibrated by experts in our IANZ accredited laboratory, who adhere to the highest industry benchmarks.

Process instrumentation calibration service

Why do I need to have my instruments calibrated, even when they’re new?
Instrument calibration is the act of adjusting the accuracy and precision of an instrument; an instrument which does not have a current calibration cannot be relied upon to provide an accurate measurement or control response.

If the instrument forms a critical quality role in a process, then the integrity of the whole process is compromised if an instrument is out of calibration.

All instruments need to be calibrated; in the same way that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, then a process is only as reliable as its least accurate instrument.

Even brand-new instruments need to be calibrated. Depending on the type of instrument, its ability to read precisely and accurately may have been compromised during its shipping or installation. It’s important to establish a benchmark calibration at the time of initial commissioning.

You can think of instrument calibration as being a bit like adjusting your watch. Even the most complex and expensive watch or clock is prone to losing or gaining time. When you plug in a new electrical appliance for the first time, its digital clock display may already show a time, but it’s wise to check that time against another time source that you know to be reliable. From time to time, as the accuracy of your watch drifts, you need to bring it back into calibration.

Instrumentation calibrationindustrial instrumentation and control

What should I look for in an instrumentation & electrical service provider?

The reliability and integrity of your process ultimately come down to the quality of the plant, the quality of the people looking after the plant, and the processes that they follow. You need your plant to be serviced by people who are qualified and experienced, who are using the correct tools, and who are following the right processes and procedures.

Entec is a highly reputable and capable provider of instrumentation and electrical services. Our I&E service staff are either dual-trade I&E technicians, instrument technicians, or electrical service technicians who are cross-training to dual-trade.

Entec’s staff are equipped with the correct analysers and calibrators in order to provide consistent and repeatable service and calibrations, and we are equipped to work on-site and in our own workshops, whatever fits the need best.

The key to delivering excellent I&E service is to have a questioning mind. We don’t employ automatons who are only interested in getting the service finished and moving to the next job. If something’s not working, our techs want to discover why it’s not working. They are interested to look upstream and downstream in the process for clues or evidence. And then, they’ll come and talk to you to share their findings, so that you can collaboratively work on a solution.

And crucially – Entec’s instrument & electrical service technicians operate under the umbrella of Entec’s IANZ accreditation. This is a big deal in terms of the service we provide.

IANZ accredited laboratories nz

What does IANZ accreditation mean?

IANZ stands for International Accreditation New Zealand; it is New Zealand’s leading body providing accreditation services. The role of IANZ in NZ is to ensure adherence to processes by its accredited organisations – an IANZ stamp is assurance that an organisation such as Entec has correct procedures in place and that it passes regular compliance audits to show that it follows these procedures every time.

It boils down to this; an IANZ accreditation gives a customer confidence. Confidence that its service provider is following the correct processes, using appropriate equipment, and with the work conducted by suitably trained and competent people. An IANZ accreditation adds traceability to a calibration. What does that mean? It means that the key aspects of the calibration which is performed are recorded and can be traced back to international and IANZ standards; while referencing who performed the calibration, what test equipment was used, and the results of the calibration. This adds an extra layer of assurance in terms of the quality of the client’s finished product.

Entec’s IANZ accreditation encompasses the following service activities for pressure and temperature classes of equipment…

• Pipes, Hoses, Valves and Fittings: Pressure Range -98 kPa to 65900 kPa
• Pressure and Vacuum Measurement: Pressure Range -98 kPa to 65900 kPa
• Temperature Measuring Equipment: Temperature Range -35 ºC to 550 ºC or -270 ºC to 1372 ºC by electrical simulation
• Temperature Controlled Enclosures: Temperature Range -35 ºC to 200 ºC

This means that when Entec carries out calibration services on one of these types of equipment, it can provide an IANZ stamped calibration certificate as evidence of the work performed. To repeat, this gives the customer confidence in the quality of the work performed. In many cases – particularly in the food and beverage sector – using an IANZ accredited calibration provider is mandatory.

Gas Detector Calibration Service

Like process instrumentation, gas detection instruments require periodic instrumentation calibration to ensure that they are providing accurate readings of their target gas(es).

Calibration of gas detectors is a process of exposing the gas detector to a benchmark sample of the calibration gas.

Calibration gas is a precise mixture (which varies according to the target gas of the instrument being calibrated) and is manufactured to traceable standards.

To ensure the accuracy of gas detectors – whether they are relatively simple portable instruments or complex fixed-point instruments – they should be regularly calibrated in accordance with their manufacturer’s procedures and recommendations.

As an experienced supplier and gas detector calibration service provider for a wide variety of gas detection equipment, Entec stocks a range of calibration gas, and our team of I&E and gas detection service technicians are highly competent at calibrating gas detectors in the field or in one of our IANZ accredited calibration laboratories in NZ.

I&E Services Provided


  • Electrical installation (industrial)
  • Electrical inspection services: Electrical apparatus in explosive atmospheres (EEHA) inspection, both periodic and project.
  • Electrical maintenance (industrial)
  • Hazardous area installation: Installation, commissioning and maintenance of extra-low and low voltage systems, specialising in explosive atmosphere installations.

Process & Control

  • Process control: PLC & process control, well-head control system maintenance
  • Control panels: Fabrication of standalone process control modules and local control panels

Engineering Support

  • Engineering support services: Engineering associates and technical assistants
  • Project management: Client project management and project engineering
  • Asset management, maintenance system development and critical spares review
  • Specialist mechanical fabrication including process skids for chemical dosing, process analyser packages, rotating machinery oil filtering, sampling and make up