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Entec has been the NZ distributor and servicer of Waukesha gas engines since 1982. Robust design, low ownership costs, fuel flexibility and low emissions.

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Steve Zimmermann

Taranaki Service Manager

Looking for natural gas engines for power generation? Innio Waukesha gas engines drive generators, compressors and pumps worldwide in all manner of applications.

Waukesha engines run on all varieties of methane-based gaseous fuel, including natural gas, flare gas, landfill gas and digester gas. Power ratings range from 250 kW to 3,730 kW.

Typical uses for Innio Waukesha gas engines

They are commonly used in power generation, gas compression and mechanical drive applications.
  • Driving compressors in gas-gathering, processing and transmission operations and providing electrical power for oil and gas fields in remote corners of the globe.
  • Waukesha gas engine generator sets also can be found in landfills where they turn waste into energy; in cities where airports, hospitals and factories depend on them for peak-shaving and standby power, and in combined heat and power installations that derive maximum benefit from fuel by capturing and using engine heat for steam, hot water and chilling infrastructure needs.

Power generation, Cogeneration, Trigeneration

Entec has extensive experience in the fields of power generation, cogeneration and trigeneration from a variety of gaseous fuels, including natural gas, landfill gas, digester gas and coal seam gas.

We design and package power generation, cogeneration and trigeneration systems locally. This gives us complete flexibility within our design to customise to each customer’s preferences.

Benefits of Innio Waukesha Gas Engines

Waukesha gas engines set the industry standard for robust design, low life-cycle ownership costs, fuel flexibility, and low emissions.
  • Durable designs that perform with extreme reliability in remote, demanding and often mission-critical applications.
  • Unsurpassed tolerance for variable fuel quality that maximises power output, uptime and profitability.
  • A portfolio of models with the emissions flexibility to meet local air quality mandates, even when the engines are redeployed to new locations.
  • Biogas models to make best use of available fuels.
  • Innio’s state-of-the-art ESM control system, an easy-to-use total engine management system that optimises engine performance and maximises uptime.
  • Parts and service provided in New Zealand by Entec Services, Innio’s official NZ distributor for Waukesha engines.
  • Strategically located, factory-authorised training that delivers the know-how to protect and maximise the value of a Waukesha engine.

Whether you’re looking for flare gas, landfill gas, digester gas or natural gas engines for power generation, gas compression or mechanical drive applications, the Waukesha gas engine generator can fulfil your needs. Contact us today to enquire about our gas generator.

History of Innio Waukesha Gas Engines

Innio’s Waukesha Gas Engine division has a legacy of more than 100 years of technological innovation. Waukesha Engine had a large range of engines running on gasoline, diesel and natural gas. These engines went into on-road and off-road vehicle applications, including a large portion of US military vehicles in the mid-20th century, and to stationary applications driving generators, compressors and oilfield pumps. In the latter part of the 20th century, Waukesha Engine narrowed its focus to stationary gaseous-fuelled engines for industrial applications – gas compression, pump drives and power generation. Waukesha Engine was acquired by Innio in 2018.

Waukesha pronunciation

We are often asked how to pronounce Waukesha: walk ashore. Just think of stepping off a boat to walk ashore. Waukesha Engine takes its name from the city in which it was formed and operates there to this day. Waukesha city is located some 15 miles west of Milwaukee, in the mid-west state of Wisconsin.

Routine Maintenance

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, regular maintenance of gas engines is essential. Entec provides comprehensive maintenance plans and schedules, including inspections, lubrication, filter replacements, and system checks. Adhering to routine maintenance significantly extends the lifespan and reliability of the generators.

At Entec, we have a team of friendly technical support professionals who are always ready to help you with any questions or worries you have about your gas engine generators. Our experts are dedicated to providing timely and effective support, ensuring that any issues are resolved quickly so there’s minimal disruption to your facilities.

How to enquire about Waukesha Gas Engines…

Email: info@entec.co.nz (no unsolicited messages/spam please)
Auckland Phone: +64 9 277 2211
Taranaki Phone: +64 6 758 3030
South Island Phone: +64 3 266 0808