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Entec provides a bespoke design & build service for prefabricated plant rooms. A plant room, otherwise known as an e-house, switchroom, industrial plant room, motor control centre (MCC room) or mobile substation, are enclosed spaces housing a variety of euipment, ranging from LV or HV electrical infrastructure to generators, pumps, boilers or HVAC equipment.

Prefabricated Plant Room

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So, why go with a prefabricated plant room?

Entec has been installing engines, generators, switchboards, control panels and all manner of equipment since the business started in 1982. We’ve learnt through experience that quality, efficiency and safety are all increased when working in a workshop environment. Prefabricated plant rooms can be custom designed, built, tested and inspected. Site travel is reduced, site safety risks are minimised, and the workshop environment is usually cleaner and quieter than a construction site.

Our prefabricated industrial plant rooms are factory-acceptance tested at Entec’s workshop. A prefabricated plant room or a prefabricated electrical substation can significantly minimise project management requirements. On-site installation is relatively simple and efficient; the prefabricated plant room is then ready for commissioning.

We sometimes also refer to a prefabricated plant room as a mobile substation or e-house that offers a versatile solution. They can be easily transported by a container truck and installed temporarily at a construction site and for projects in remote areas where access to power is limited. Of course, they can also be installed in a fixed location.

Why choose Entec for my prefabricated plant room?

We’ve built many rooms, and - to spare modesty for a moment - we've become really good at it. We will call on our past experience to design and build a plant room quickly, efficiently and to an extremely high-quality standard.

Once we understand the basic requirements, we can produce a concept design and budget price. We build our own switchboards, motor control centre (MCC's) and control panels, so we have the design and coordination of these items under our own control; this means fewer parties for the customer or consultant to manage, and the motor control centres can be designed and tailored to your application needs. The motor control centre (MCC's) offers centralised control and monitoring, reduced wiring and installation costs, improved safety, and easy maintenance. They are assembled offsite and then shipped, ready to be installed on your site.

Entec is both an electrical manufacturer and an electrical installation business. We bring experience, expertise and efficiency with our broad skills and our vertical integration. We have a dedicated Project Engineer and Construction Supervisor focused purely on plant rooms, providing a single point of client focus.

We’ve built a solid and dependable support team to provide those aspects of engineering, fabrication and specialised equipment and service that we don’t employ in-house.

Single party responsibility for design and build. Plus, we can include installation & commissioning.

Tailoring the design and specification to your project needs.

Designed and built to meet all safety and quality standards.

Ability to relocate the room in the future can be designed in.

Full range of sizes, construction and finishing options to fit the site environment.

Longevity and future maintainability are designed in from the outset.

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Enclosure Styles & Sizes

Prefabricated plant rooms can be built to any size, provided they meet the constraints of road transport regulations. Entec’s experience ranges from an ISO 10-foot container at the small end (3.0m long x 2.4m wide x 2.4m high) to a double ISO 40-foot container at the upper end (12.0m long x 4.8m wide x 2.6m high). The integral base frame incorporates the cable support system, allowing quicker and safer cable installation on site.

ISO containers aren’t always the best fit for either size or aesthetics. We have also built a number of prefabricated plant rooms with modular EPS or fire-resistant insulated sandwich panels. Curved and pitched roofs can also accommodate all designs to provide better weather protection.

Key industries and applications…

  • Water and wastewater networks and plants
  • Power generation
  • Oil, gas and petrochemical; upstream, midstream, downstream
  • Utilities and infrastructure
  • Mining, tunnelling and quarrying
  • Energy storage installations
  • Heavy manufacturing
  • Data centres
  • Construction sites

The Process

Quality with Entec

Entec has established itself as a prominent industry leader in delivering prefabricated plant rooms (or e-house), possessing the technical expertise required to collaborate closely with consultants, contractors, and product suppliers. Our focus on providing cost-effective, high-quality e-house solutions tailored to meet process, site, and manufacturing requirements has resulted in a reputation for excellence.

Every mobile substation undergoes thorough assembly and rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the most stringent industry standards.

Prefabricated Plant Room Brochure

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