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Compliance and inspections

Entec’s electrical and instrumentation division specialises in heavy industrial, hazardous area environments. Our compliance services assist our clients to comply with electrical regulations, and to keep their people and plant safe.

What makes us different? We’re practical and reasonable, and you can trust us to make the right call in the best interests of your business. And our inspectors are backed up by the size, substance and experience of Entec.

A hazardous area is where there is the risk of fire or explosion due to the presence of gas, vapour or dust. Entec’s expertise is in the safe installation and maintenance of electrical plant in this demanding environment.
Entec’s compliance services fall into three main areas;
  • Regulatory compliance; ensuring safety for personnel and plant and providing documentary evidence of compliance.
  • Quality systems; designing and executing a quality system for new projects, covering multi-disciplines.
  • Awareness; providing advice and training to our clients.
Within regulatory compliance clients can choose from a selection of services;
  • Audit – We will review the client’s existing records and report on the current level of compliance with electrical regulations.
  • Inspection – We will carry out hazardous area electrical inspections on site and provide inspection reports.
  • Hazardous area dossier – We will create a Hazardous area dossier for the site, and hand it over for future use.

Why trust Entec with your compliance requirements?

We understand the drivers of your business, and our inspectors will provide practical advice to help you find the right balance; complying with the regulations and operating safely, but also getting your plant running as quickly as possible.

You can trust us to work in your best interests. Can we send a team of specialists to address any remedial items that come out of an inspection? Absolutely we can. But we’ll also recommend other suitable contractors that can do that work and encourage you to check out other options.

Providing ongoing assurance

Entec’s I&E team can plan and implement a remedial plan for any non-compliant items, and can plan and execute a preventative maintenance and inspection regime to provide regular plant health checks in line with best practice.

One of Entec’s specialties, drawing upon its extensive experience with gas detection systems, is the execution of service routines to regularly calibrate and function-test fixed-point gas detection systems. The application of a regular testing and calibration regime is a vital part of ensuring your gas detection system is ready to act when called upon.

Tests and calibrations against standards

Entec’s I&E service business includes an IANZ accredited calibration laboratory, with test classes for pressure measurement, temperature measurement and electrical testing devices. When calibrations are performed under Entec’s IANZ accreditation, customers can be assured that the work has followed a prescribed procedure, using test equipment which is itself routinely tested.

Entec’s gas detection laboratory carries out all manner of service, repair and calibration on the full range of Industrial Scientific portable gas detectors. Entec is annually certified by Industrial Scientific and operates as an Authorised Service Centre. This provides customers with the peace of mind that their gas detectors are serviced using factory-trained technicians, using genuine spare parts and following the manufacturer’s own procedures.

Record-keeping and remote monitoring

Calibrations performed under Entec’s IANZ quality system are accompanied by a calibration certificate, which forms a crucial part of the end-user’s compliance documentation. Similarly, Entec provides a calibration certificate for all portable gas detectors which are calibrated in its laboratory, providing a service history and peace of mind.

The portable gas detection products manufactured by Industrial Scientific are able to be documented on Industrial Scientific’s all-encompassing iNet Control system. iNet Control tracks all of the usage parameters from each portable detector each and every time the instrument is docked into an internet-connected docking station. iNet Control users can then monitor how each instrument has been used, what gas exposures it has recorded, and what alarm events have been triggered.