Instrumentation & Electrical: Service And Calibration

Service & Calibration

Ensuring your I&E Systems are good to go in 2024


The importance of routine maintenance of your instrumentation and electrical systems cannot be overstated. Entec’s industrial instrumentation and control technicians are experts at servicing all types of process instrumentation (instruments to measure pressure, temperature, flow, levels, conductivity and mass), control instruments (such as actuators and positioners), and gas detection systems (both portable and fixed-point installations).

Why is instrumentation & electrical servicing important?

instrumentation electrical servicing

  • Maintaining Accuracy and Reliability: Regular servicing ensures that instruments and electrical systems continue to provide accurate and reliable measurements and control responses.
  • Preventing Process Disruptions: Failure to service instruments can lead to degraded accuracy or performance, jeopardising the output of industrial processes.
  • Safety Assurance: Regular servicing mitigates the risk of accidents and injuries resulting from process failures or exposure to unsafe electrical control systems.
  • Ensuring Compliance: Calibration ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations, which is essential for quality control and regulatory compliance.



Entec is an IANZ accredited Service & Calibration provider.

ianz accreditation for calibration

IANZ accreditation, provided by International Accreditation New Zealand, is a mark of assurance for customers seeking calibration services. Entec is an IANZ accredited, reputable provider of instrumentation and electrical services, meaning that our technicians operate under the umbrella of the IANZ accreditation, all the while carrying out services using the correct tools and following the right processes and procedures.

Entec’s IANZ accreditation encompasses the following service activities for pressure and temperature classes of equipment.

Pipes, Hoses, Valves and Fittings: Pressure Range -98 kPa to 65900 kPa
Pressure and Vacuum Measurement: Pressure Range -98 kPa to 65900 kPa
Temperature Measuring Equipment: Temperature Range -35 ºC to 550 ºC or -270 ºC to 1372 ºC by electrical simulation
Temperature Controlled Enclosures: Temperature Range -35 ºC to 200 ºC


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