From the wrong side of the tracks… to our new home in the ‘Naki

Our New Home in Taranaki

We’re excited to announce the whereabouts of Entec’s new home in Taranaki. We are through Phase One and now into Phase Two of moving our whole Taranaki business to larger, better, brighter premises in Mustang Drive in the Bell Block industrial area.

While Entec is now 42 years old, we set up our first workshop/office in the energy province of Taranaki just 21 years ago. The reference to the wrong side of the tracks is due to our original location in Stratford, which was close enough to the railway line for it to be a nuisance and just far enough away from the shopping strip to also be a nuisance.

Our Taranaki business has grown massively since then, from 5 employees in 2003 to more than 100 in 2024, with Entec’s total headcount now around 140. We relocated the Stratford team to New Plymouth premises in 2010 and since then have moved into, out-grown and moved out of premises in Hurlstone Drive, Devon Road, and most recently Cygnet Drive.

Phase One of our move happened in late 2023, with the establishment of our manufacturing business units TCE Controls (switchboards, control panels and other electrical panels) and Prefabricated Plant Rooms into a large factory and office complex in Mustang Drive. These two business units work closely together, with just about every one of our 40 prefabricated rooms to date having one or more (and sometimes many) TCE panels installed within.

Our administration and management teams, plus the rotating equipment business, gas detection business and I&E projects and services functions all remain at our premises on Cygnet Drive in Bell Block for the time being.

Phase Two will conclude in 12 months’ time, on the adjacent site in Mustang Drive. Construction will start shortly on a purpose-designed office and gas detection lab, and the surrounding land will provide ample parking and yard space for storage and the construction of our larger prefabricated plant rooms.


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