Needing help maintaining your Instrumentation and Electrical Assets?

Needing help maintaining your Instrumentation and Electrical Assets?

Entec's Instrumentation & Electrical (I&E) services help keep your instrumental and electrical infrastructure well-maintained to ensure quality, consistency and reliability of your assets. Entec’s IANZ accredited calibration lab provides the additional assurance of having calibration of process instrumentation carried out against traceable standards.

We offer a range of I&E services ranging from industrial and process instrumentation to electrical infrastructure and gas detection system servicing. I&E systems which are not correctly maintained may compromise the integrity of your plant. Regular maintenance and checks are vital to ensure the safety of your personnel and provide critical control over product quality.

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Why is instrumentation & electrical servicing important?

Instrumentation and the electrical plant can be subject to physical damage or disturbance, environmental damage from exposure to the elements or changing air quality or may simply require periodic maintenance due to the nature of their design.

Failure to regularly carry out routine instrument calibration services on instrumentation and electrical systems raises the spectre of…

  • Degraded accuracy or performance of instruments, jeopardising the output of your plant’s process
  • Accidents and injuries resulting from process failures or exposure to unsafe electrical systems
  • Commercial and reputational risk to your organisation

Entec I&E Services

Entec provides a range of services to help maintain and allow for optimum performance of your I&E assets.

These services include:


  • Electrical installation (industrial).
  • Electrical inspection services: Electrical apparatus in explosive atmospheres (EEHA) inspection, both periodic and project.
  • Electrical maintenance (industrial).
  • Hazardous area installation: Installation, commissioning and maintenance of extra-low and low voltage systems, specialising in explosive atmosphere installations.

Process and Control

  • Process control: PLC & process control, well-head control system maintenance.
  • Control panels: Fabrication of standalone process control modules and local control panels.

Engineering Support

  • Engineering support services: Engineering associates and technical assistants.
  • Project management: Client project management and project engineering.
  • Asset management, maintenance system development and critical spares review.
  • Specialist mechanical fabrication including process skids for chemical dosing, process analyser packages, rotating machinery oil filtering, sampling and make up.

Why choose us as an I&E service provider?

The reliability and integrity of your process ultimately come down to the quality of the plant, the quality of the people looking after the plant, and the processes that they follow. You need your plant to be serviced by people who are qualified and experienced, who are using the correct tools, and who are following the right processes and procedures.

Entec is a highly reputable, IANZ accredited provider of instrumentation and electrical services. Our I&E service staff are either dual-trade I&E technicians, instrument technicians, or electrical service technicians who are cross-training to dual-trade.

The key to delivering excellent I&E service is to have a questioning mind. We don’t employ automatons who are only interested in getting the service finished and moving to the next job. If something’s not working, our techs want to discover why it’s not working. They are interested to look upstream and downstream in the process for clues or evidence. And then, they’ll come and talk to you to share their findings, so that you can collaboratively work on a solution.

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Needing help servicing and maintaining your Instrumentation and Electrical assets?
Talk to us today and our high-calibre team of I&E service technicians can point you in the right direction.